Marv Nicholson as Owner has primary oversight on all the Firm's dealings. Marv is a second generation Broker whose family owned a boutique Agency in the south end of Seattle. Marv started his work career as an independent building contractor. Parallel to his contracting career, Marv was also evaluating and purchasing distressed homes as investments. It wasn’t long after this that Marv became a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. He soon after decided that it would benefit his clients to also hold a Mortgage License.

Searching and seeking out the best buy for his clients is Marv's passion. Being able to use his 33 years of personal and business experience and his dual licensed roles of Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Licensee gives Marv an edge over 99.9% of those working in either industry. In Marv's opinion: “The benefit my clients receive from my dual-advisor role is that, because I don’t make my living off of interest rates, my living comes from finding the perfect home for my clients. I am also able to help my clients avoid the pitfalls of bad loans and high interest rates. The protection of my clients and their family’s future is always my first priority.”